We are extremely excited to finally launch our new website after almost a full year in development. You will quickly notice just how different everything is and how much work was put into every detail of the new website. Every single element has been re-coded from scratch, nothing from the old site has made it over to the new site.

The landscape for sites built solely on vBulletin was quickly changing and Nicholas and myself quickly noticed we were being limited on growth and it was time for change. Nicholas put great detail into making sure the design was clean yet simple, making sure when you visit our site as a potential customer or a current customer you find what your looking for and get the support you need. Myself I spent a mass amount of time learning the interworking of WordPress and WooCommerce, with my background being a coder/ui developer it was fun, frustrating, and tiring but at the end I love the results.

It’s great to finally have the new website site online and operational, it’s now time to get back into making themes and upgrading all themes to vBulletin 5 Connect.

My Account

We have reworked the entire customers account backend, giving you the tools to have complete control over your account and get the support you need. Here are a few of the new features we really love and want to point out to you.

License Management

  • Complete list of all licenses owned, along with the domain that is activated under it and status.
  • Within the list you will see each service that was purchased along with it and even have the option to quickly purchase any services missed in your initial order.
  • Once activated with a domain, you can download every version of the theme you purchased.
  • Re-Activate a license with a new domain, if you need to move a license to a new domain you now have complete control over the process. We do log each change and re-train the right to disable this access.

Custom Services

  • For those who purchased any of our installation services you will now see a section within My Account listing each service, what product it’s for and the status of completion.
  • Submit FTP and Admin details the second your order is placed, allowing us to quickly get your theme or logo installed.
  • Dedicated Support Ticket to each service, once you submit your FTP or Admin details a ticket will be created to notify us and have a direct channel to ask any questions, upload logo files, and for us to keep you updated through the process.
  • Forget to order a installation service? Not a problem from within My Account you can now click on the option you want after the fact. Our system will add the service to your cart and once paid it will be like you ordered it from the start.


  • View all tickets ever submitted.
  • Submit new tickets which are private to your account.


As in the past, when you purchase a vBulletin Theme from us you will be granted download access to every version ever released. To download your theme please visit the My Account section located in the top right. Once logged in you will instantly see your license and a link to take you to downloads. All downloads include the vBulletin theme .xml file, images, plugins, and PSD files.

Custom Skins

If your looking for a custom vBulletin Theme, now is the time with the all new backend management system that has been implemented. We have fully automated the entire ordering system, allowing you to pick the solution/package, the amount of colors, fixed or fluid width and even installation options.

Once you place your order you will be introduced to your PurevB Team who will handle your order along with details on the private backend system where you submit files, view previews and communicate with our staff through the entire process. At the end once everything has been approved we will attach your final package for download and keep it on file for whenever you need it again.

Support System

One of our biggest issues over the years has been using a forum for handling support. Our hope was to be transparent and handle everything out in the open so anyone having the same issue in the future can quickly see what was done to solve the issue and do the same. Although the theory probably worked for quite a few customers, the problem Nicholas and I had was trying to keep up with responses.

The new support system is integrated right into you’re My Accounts section where you can quickly view and submit new tickets. As you type within the subject it will go out and search all of our documentation, knowledge base and Frequently Asked Question systems to see if it’s been asked before and out line the solution. Of course if nothing is found, it will continue through the submission process. With it now being private, both Nicholas and I can easily respond and ask the questions specific to your forum and request the details needed to solve your problem in a timely manner.

We will maintain a read-only/offline version of our old forums for a small matter of time. Please note, as of this moment only new tickets using our new system will be answered.


It’s coming I promise! We would have loved to finish our documentation section but we just ran out of time as the old site was starting to fail the order process.

We are planning once the new site is fully up and function to start populating our documentation section with as much helpful information as we can. Both Nicholas and I want to make PurevB your only choice for vBulletin Themes, and we know to do that we need to give you the tools to succeed and make the vBulletin theme you purchased your own.

If there is something specific you would like to see let us know!

What’s Next

Keep an eye out on our blog, we will be keeping everyone updated as we work away at releasing all vBulletin themes for vBulletin 5 connect.

Once we finish the last bit of cleanup on the new site we have quite a few new themes planned. For anyone that has a specific look, or even a custom request for a premade theme please use the Request a Theme option located on the right of this post.

Published by William @ ThemeYard