It’s an exciting time for PurevB, we have spent months working on our new website, and now vBulletin has released vBulletin 5.1 Connect which is extremely exciting for us. Ever since vBulletin 5 Connect was released, we set a target version of 5.1 to start releasing our vBulletin skins. Doing this gave the product a chance to mature, and make sure we had the tools to give our customers the best features and customizability. We never thought it would have been this far down the line, but it allowed us to focus on our website and build it up to the point we now can grow with and provide the best support possible.

The Plan

Our #1 focus moving forward will be to release all our vBulletin Skins for vBulletin 5. We have internally set a very strong goal for when they will start to be released and how often they will be released. We will be announcing each release within our blog and keep our vBulletin skin development section up to date. Have your vote, let us know what skins you want to see vBulletin 5 first by posting your request to comments below.

vBulletin Skin Development

One of the newest features of our website is a section called Development which is found under the support section. Under development each skin will be listed along with it’s current development status, colors available, change log of all updates made to skins. Not only will you find details on current vBulletin skins but you will also find screenshots, and development status of new vBulletin skins set to be released. With vBulletin 5.1 Connect developing going into full swing, it will be a great area for you to be able to follow the stages each skin goes through and how close each vBulletin skin is to being released.

We look forward to hearing from you! Give us your feedback, suggestions and anything you would like to see with the release of all of our skins for vBulletin 5.

The PurevB Team

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