Movara is a stunning vBulletin 4 Style with a unique welcome box which speaks to every new visitor to get them to join. It features a unique forumbit which gives Movara a very clean feel for your growing community.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Does this Movara support vBulletin 4 & 5?

Currently Movara supports only vBulletin 4. Send in your request to get Movara updated to vBulletin 5.

Does Movara work with Right to Left (RTL) Forums?

Yes it does! Since vBulletin 4.15, all of our vBulletin Templates support Right to Left Forums. See the documentation for usage instructions.

Do you offer any discounts if I purchase more than one vBulletin Skin?

Absolutely, for every 2 vBulletin Themes you purchase you will receive 1 FREE.

Are skins updated with bug fixes and version updates?

Absolutely, if you find any bugs with our themes please let us know about them by creating a ticket as without that we don’t know the bug exist. With bugs and version updates we will always release the most up to date version of the skin we can. You can download the latest update within the Customers Area.

What is Brand-Free Theme?

When purchasing one of our themes you will have the option to remove our branding, which is typically found within the Copyright. Upon purchase we will provide you with a package to install on your forums which will remove our branding right away. We LOVE our branding within the copyright as it helps us grow and add more customers, but we know you may want it removed and if that’s you please purchase the Branding-Free option.

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  • Fixed & Fluid
  • Supports RTL - Right-To-Left
  • PSD Files
  • 1 Year Basic Support
  • Cross Browser Compatible