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This is a very common question we get and it some ways it’s hard to answer as we cannot control the modifications you have made to your forum. Please know that this is the standard way to upgrade your style and we do not take into account changes you have made after the fact to any templates. This 100% will overwrite the templates upgrading them to the latest vBulletin released. If you do have modifications we suggest that you keep track of all template changes so you can easily replicate to updates.

Install Skin XML Files

  1. Log in to your Admin CP (ex.. )
  2. Once logged in expand “Styles & Templates” then click “Download / Upload Styles”
  3. Under “Import Style XML File” Browse to the location where you downloaded the XML Files on your computer.
  4. For “Merge Into Style” make sure it says the name of the skin that is already installed IE. If you have OfficeSpace installed and you are upgrading the style select the name you installed it as from the dropdown.