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With vBulletin 4 there are quite a few places you can change the font size and the font color, with this how to we will walk you through changing the default ones. If your looking for more advanced details please refer to the pdfs below.


  1. Login to admincp (
  2. Click Styles & Templates to expand
  3. Click Style Manager
  4. Once in Style Manager click the go button on the drop down where it says StyleVars
  5. Using the search box in the top left search for font, you will get a list of all StyleVars you can that handle the font within vBullin. The default font will be located under the Commonsection and will be named only font
  6. To change the default font color use the same steps as above but search for body_color. The search will bring up the body_color option which will allow you to alter the font color of your style.

PDF Documents

These pdf documents are provided by vBulletin and will give you a very detailed description of what each StyleVar is for and how to change.