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This is question we received on our forums and thought it wouldn’t hurt included it in our tutorials as it can be applied to future Defraction customers or even if you have a different skin.

  1. Login to admincp (
  2. Click and expand Styles & Templates
  3. Click Style Manager
  4. Press the <<>> to the right of the skin to expand templates
  5. Double click to modify the header template

HTML Elements


<span>your slogan goes here</span>

Add right below:

<vb:if condition="$show['member']">
	{vb:raw ad_location.global_header1}

CSS Elements

  1. Still under templates find the CSS Templates group
  2. Double click additional.css to modify css file
  3. Add the following to the code at the bottom of the css
.bannerBox {

You will have to adjust the top and right variables to match your banner size and the space you have within the skin.