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We thought this would be something someone at some point could find very useful and thought we would share how to add a new link to the vBulletin CMS Sub Navigation. When we say Sub Navigation we are talking about the links located below the Home | Forum | Blog | What’s New.

  1. Login to admincp (
  2. Click and expand Plugins & Products
  3. Click Add New Plugin
  4. Add the following Information

Product: vBulletin
Hook Location: process_template_complete
Title: Additional CMS Sub Nav Links (This can be anything you want)
Execution Order: 3
Plugin PHP Code:

$template_hook['vbcms_navbar_end'] .= '<li><a href="test.php">Test Link</a></li>' ;
$template_hook['vbcms_navbar_end'] .= '<li><a href="test.php">Test Link2</a></li>' ;

Plugin is Active: Yes

NOTE: Execution Order MUST be 3 if it is 5 it will not show.